BlinkCard SDK Flutter plugin

AI-driven identity credit card scanning for Flutter apps.

We made it quick and easy to create a sample application or install the plugin into your existing iOS or Android app.

Please note that, for maximum performance and full access to all features, it’s best to go with one of our native SDKs (for iOS or Android).

However, since the wrapper is open source, you can add the features you need on your own.


BlinkCard plugin is developed with Flutter SDK version 1.17.5. For help with Flutter, view official documentation.

Getting Started

To get started, first create empty project if needed:

flutter create project_name

Add the blinkcard_flutter dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:


Quick start with sample app

To try BlinkCard plugin, you can generate a minimal sample application. To do so run ./ script.

To run sample application, use the following commands:

cd sample/
flutter run

If there are problems with running the application, please make sure you have properly configured tools by running flutter doctor. You can also try running the application from VSCode, Android Studio or Xcode.

Plugin usage

  1. Perform scanning by calling the method MicroblinkScanner.scanWithCamera() and passing it the RecognizerCollection and OverlaySettings you wish to use, along with your license key. To find out more about licensing, click here.
Future<void> scan() async {
    List<RecognizerResult> results;
    Recognizer recognizer = BlinkCardRecognizer();
    OverlaySettings settings = BlinkCardOverlaySettings();

    // set your license
    if (Theme.of(context).platform == TargetPlatform.iOS) {
      license = "";
    } else if (Theme.of(context).platform == {
      license = "";

    try {
      // perform scan and gather results
      results = await MicroblinkScanner.scanWithCamera(RecognizerCollection([recognizer]), settings, license);

    } on PlatformException {
      // handle exception
  1. When scanning is completed, variable results will contain a list of non-empty RecognizerResults from recognizers set in RecognizerCollection. You can then access each result individually. If the scanning is manually closed, the method will return an empty list.

For more information please refer to our sample application source code.

Available API

All available recognizers can be found inside BlinkCard/lib/recognizers.

All available overlays can be found inside BlinkCard/lib/overlays.

For 100% of features and maximum control, consider using native SDK.

Platform specifics

Plugin implementation is in folder lib, while platform specific implementations are in android and ios folders.


Android folder is fully initialized after running ./


To initialize BlinkCard framework for use with iOS, after you've added the dependency to blinkcard_flutter to your pubspec.yaml, go to NameOfYourProject/iosand run pod install. Our blinkcard_flutter depends on the latest MBBlinkCard pod so it will be installed automatically.

To set camera permission usage message, open NameOfYourProject/ios/Runner.xcworkspace and under Runner/Runner/Info.plist set Privacy - Camera Usage Description.


  • A valid license key is required to initialize scanning. You can request a free trial license key, after you register, at Microblink Developer Hub
  • Get information about pricing and licensing of BlinkCard