bible library

Contains the Bible class which provides methods to fetch verses from a variety of APIs.


providers List<BibleProvider>
Returns a list of all the BibleProviders. [...]


addKeys(Map<String, String> keys) → void
Adds API key to the Bible Map. [...]
addProvider(BibleProvider provider, List<String> versions) → void
Adds a BibleProvider to the list of available providers. [...]
getDefaultProvider(String version) BibleProvider
Returns the default BibleProvider for a version. [...]
getKey(String provider) String
Returns the key for a BibleProvider.
getProvider(String provider) BibleProvider
Returns the BibleProvider based on name. [...]
getProviders() List<BibleProvider>
Get all the BibleProviders available
queryPassage(String queryReference, {String version, BibleProvider provider, Map<String, String> parameters, dynamic useParser = true, String providerName, String key}) Future<PassageQuery>
Query a provider for a bible passage. [...]