b012_data library




newKey String
getter than returns a key of 32 random characters of numerics,majuscules and minuscules


boolean(dynamic intOrBool, {bool isInt = true}) → dynamic
/prend (1 ou 0) ou (true ou false) et return respectivement (true ou false) ou (1 ou 0)
dateTime(String? dateString) DateTime?
permet de convertir une date (String) issu de la base de donnees sqflite en DateTime
mapToUse(Map<String, dynamic> objetToMap, {bool forDB = true}) Map<String, dynamic>
Use when we want to convert an entity to a map for database insertion or is it like a normal Map in our code.
By default, forDB is set to true because the method is use by the package for inserting enties data.
into their corresponding tables.

Set, forDB to false if it's not for database insertion.
range(int lenOrStart, [int? end]) Iterable<int>


Dart's primitive types. User at the moment that the package create an entity's table on sqlite database.
It's use when never the corresponding the correspondinf field is null to determine the type of the column