b012_data is for data manipulations.

It provide bean persistance on SQLite database and system file manipulation.

It supports Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux and Windows.

Clic here for more details.

import 'package:b012_data/b012_disc_data.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:b012_data/b012_sqlflite_easy.dart';

//Person entity
class Person {
String? idPers;
String? firstName;
String? lastName;
bool? sex;
DateTime? dateOfBirth;
//String? email;
//String? profestion;

//Step 1:
MapEntry<String,bool> get pKeyAuto => const MapEntry('idPers', false);//primay key, required
List<String> get notNulls => <String>['firstName','lastName','sex','dateOfBirth'];//Not nulable columns, optional
//List<String> get uniques => <String>['email']; //unique colums, optional
//Map<String,String> get checks => {'email':'length(email)>4'}; //check constrains, optional
//Map<String,String> get defaults => {'profestion':'NULL'};//defaul value of columns, optional
//Map<String,List<String>> get fKeys => {'profestion':['Profestion','idProf']};//foreign keys, optional

//Step 2: required
Person([this.idPers, this.firstName, this.lastName, this.sex, this.dateOfBirth]);//use by get methods

//Step 3: required
//For not nullable fields, it's not necessary to specify ColumnType. 
//Because the fied won't be null anyway.
Map<String,dynamic> toMap() => {
"idPers": idPers??ColumnType.String,
"firstName": firstName??ColumnType.String,
"lastName": lastName??ColumnType.String,
"sex": sex??ColumnType.bool,
"dateOfBirth": dateOfBirth??ColumnType.DateTime,

//Step 4: required
Person.fromMap(dynamic jsonOrMap,{bool isInt=true}){
sex=boolean(jsonOrMap["sex"],isInt: isInt);

//Step 5: required
Person fromMap(dynamic jsonOrMap)=>Person.fromMap(jsonOrMap);

////////////////////////////////// Use cas example: //////////////////////////////////

Future<void> main() async{

/////////// DataAccess.instance /////////////

//Show create table query of Person entity

//Check if the Person table exists in the database
bool witnessPersTableExiste= await DataAccess.instance.checkIfEntityTableExists<Person>();

//Insert a new person in Person table
bool tInsert=await DataAccess.instance.insertObjet(Person(newKey,'KEBE','Birane',true,DateTime(2000,08,05)));

//Insert a list of persons in Person table
bool tInsertList=await DataAccess.instance.insertObjetList(

//Find a person
Person? birane=await DataAccess.instance.get<Person>(Person(),"firstName='Birane' and lastName='KEBE'");

//Find all persons in Person table
List<Person>? Persons=await DataAccess.instance.getAll<Person>(Person());

//Find men in Person table. For boolean type you are free to use 0,1 or true,false. 
//The role is that true=1 and false=0. Like the column sex below.
List<Person>? men=await DataAccess.instance.getAllSorted<Person>(Person(),'sex=1');

//Collect all first names
List<String> firstNames=await DataAccess.instance.getAColumnFrom<String,Person>('firstName');

//Collect all first names of female persons. 
List<String> womensfirstName=await DataAccess.instance.getAColumnFrom<String,Person>('firstName',afterWhere: "sex=false");

//Collect all Person's first and last 
List<Map<String, Object?>> firstNamesAndlastNames= await DataAccess.instance.getSommeColumnsFrom<Person>("firstName,lastName");

//Collect all female's first and last names
List<Map<String, Object?>> firstNamesAndlastNamesFemmes= await DataAccess.instance.getSommeColumnsFrom<Person>("firstName,lastName",afterWhere: "sex=0");

//Change Birane's first name to developer and last name KEBE in 2022
bool witnessUpdatelastNameEtfirstName= await DataAccess.instance.updateSommeColumnsOf<Person>(['firstName','lastName'],['firstName','lastName'],['developper','2022','Birane','KEBE']);

//Delete a Person with firstName Fatou.
bool witnessDelFatou= await DataAccess.instance.deleteObjet<Person>("firstName='Fatou'");

//Count the number of Persons
int nbPerson= await DataAccess.instance.countElementsOf<Person>();

//Counts the lastNumber of Male Person
int nbMen= await DataAccess.instance.countElementsOf<Person>(afterWhere: 'sex=true');

//A top level function that dumps all data from database tables.
await DataAccess.instance.cleanAllTablesData();

/*Important !!! : 
1. Most of the package methods that query entity's tables can DatabaseException(no such table: ...) Error if table doesn't exist
    except updateWholeObject, updateSommeColumnsOf, getAColumnFromWithTableName, and getAColumnFrom. For these methods
    the error is already handled but its message is display to help you when debugging.
    For other methods, consider using catchError or onError methods to handle it and do the appropriate action.
2. Wrap your entitiy's toMap() method with the mapToUse(Map<String, dynamic> objetToMap,{bool forDB = true}) like below
    mapToUse(entityInstance.toMap(), forDB: false) if you want to convert your entity to a normal Map<String, dynamic> 
    for performing some operation. mapToUse(entityInstance.toMap()) is used by the package, precisely by Future<bool> insertObjet(var object), and Future<bool> insertObjetList(List objectlist) methods for inserting entity's data 
    into their corresponding tables.

 /////////// DiscData.instance /////////////

//databases path
String databases=await DiscData.instance.databasesPath;

//files path
String files=await DiscData.instance.filesPath;

//files path
String appFlutter=await DiscData.instance.rootPath;

//Save text data to disc on files directory
String? fileName=await DiscData.instance.saveDataToDisc('contenu du fichier test.txt', DataType.text,takeThisName: 'test.txt');

//Check if test.txt file exists
bool witnessTestFileExiste=await DiscData.instance.checkFileExists(fileName: 'test.txt');

//Read the contents of the test.txt file as string
String? readTest=await DiscData.instance.readFileAsString(fileName: 'test.txt');

//Read the contents of the my_image.png file as base64 string 
String? readTestAsBase64=await DiscData.instance.readFileAsBase64(fileName: 'my_image.png');

//Read the contents of the image.jpg file as Uint8List (bytes)
Uint8List? readTestBytes=await DiscData.instance.readFileAsBytes(fileName: 'my_image.png');

//Read image.jpg file as Image
Image? readTestImage=await DiscData.instance.getImageFromDisc(fileName: 'my_image.png');

//Read a data whitch name is store in columns of a table. Let's suppose that we have a table named Images whitch have
//a colums named imageName and an image named image_test.jpg.
//To load that image as bytes array :
Uint8List readTestImageAsBytes=await DiscData.instance.getEntityFileOnDisc<Uint8List, Images>('imageName','imageID',1);


class Images {
    String? id;
    String? imageName;
    DateTime? dateSave;
    DateTime? dateLastUpdate;
    MapEntry<String, bool> get pKeyAuto => const MapEntry('id', false); //primay key, required
    List<String> get notNulls => <String>['imageName','dateSave','sex','dateLastUpdate']; //Not nulable columns, optional
    Images([this.id, this.imageName, this.dateSave, this.dateLastUpdate]); //use by get methods
    Map<String, dynamic> toMap() => {
        "id": id ?? ColumnType.String,
        "imageName": imageName ?? ColumnType.String,
        "dateSave": dateSave ?? ColumnType.DateTime,
        "dateLastUpdate": dateLastUpdate ?? ColumnType.DateTime

    Images.fromMap(dynamic jsonOrMap, {bool isInt = true}) {
        id = jsonOrMap["id"];
        imageName = jsonOrMap["imageName"];
        dateSave = dateTime(jsonOrMap["dateSave"]);
        dateLastUpdate = dateTime(jsonOrMap["dateLastUpdate"]);

    Images fromMap(dynamic jsonOrMap) => Images.fromMap(jsonOrMap);