atmospeed library

Atmospeed library

Atmospeed is a utility library for anyone who needs to perform the following:

  • Define an atmospheric point in terms of altitude and temperature and calculate atmospheric properties at that point for a standard or non-standard atmosphere
  • Define a speed condition as equivalent, calibrated, true airspeed or Mach, and convert that speed to one of the other three at a given atmospheric point condition.

This library uses methodologies, constants and equiations as defined by the 1976 US Standard Atmosphere (NASA-TM-X-74335), which are identical to the ICAO and International Standard Atmosphere definitions through 51 km. This library limits calculations to an altitude of 20km (65617 ft) and is intended for atmospheric flight calculations below the stratopause.

This library supports calculation of standard as well as non-standard atmosphere conditions with a non-zero temperature deviation from standard. Note that the default temperature input is for a delta ISA temperature deviation and not ambient, or outside air temperature. OAT, however is supported by setting a boolean when defining an Atmo point condition, as outlined in the class documentation.


Altitude class for altitiude specific calculations
Atmospheric point class
Speed properties and conversion class


Defines possible length and height units
Defines possible atmospheric pressure units
Defines possible speed types
Defines possible speed units
Defines possible temperature units
Defines possible weight units


ConvertSpeed on double
Extension method to directly convert a double speed value from one unit to another unit