getOperation method

String? getOperation(
  1. dynamic value,
  2. Metadata? data


String? getOperation(dynamic value, Metadata? data) {
  if (value != null && data == null) {
    return AtConstants.value;
  // Verifies if any of the args are not null
  var isMetadataNotNull = AtClientUtil.isAnyNotNull(
      a1: data!.ttl,
      a2: data.ttb,
      a3: data.ttr,
      a4: data.ccd,
      a5: data.isBinary,
      a6: data.isEncrypted);
  //If value is not null and metadata is not null, return UPDATE_ALL
  if (value != null && isMetadataNotNull) {
    return AtConstants.updateAll;
  //If value is null and metadata is not null,
  if (value == null && isMetadataNotNull) {
    return AtConstants.updateMeta;
  return null;