generator library


artemisUnknown EnumValueDefinition
Enum value for values not mapped in the GraphQL enum


createClassProperty({required ClassPropertyName fieldName, ClassPropertyName? fieldAlias, required Context context, OnNewClassFoundCallback? onNewClassFound, bool markAsUsed = true}) ClassProperty
Creates class property object
generateDefinitions({required DocumentNode schema, required TypeDefinitionNodeVisitor typeDefinitionNodeVisitor, required String path, required DocumentNode document, required GeneratorOptions options, required SchemaMap schemaMap, required List<FragmentDefinitionNode> fragmentsCommon, required CanonicalVisitor canonicalVisitor}) Iterable<QueryDefinition>
Generate a query definition from a GraphQL schema and a query, given Artemis options and schema mappings.
generateLibrary(String path, List<DocumentNode> gqlDocs, GeneratorOptions options, SchemaMap schemaMap, List<FragmentDefinitionNode> fragmentsCommon, DocumentNode schema) LibraryDefinition
Generate queries definitions from a GraphQL schema and a list of queries, given Artemis options and schema mappings.


OnNewClassFoundCallback = void Function(Context context)