Apptimize class

The Apptimize interface is the main interaction point with the Apptimize SDK for developers.

To get started call startApptimize with your Apptimize app key.




hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
no setterinherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
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noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.

Static Properties

apptimizeAnonUserId Future<String?>
Gets the current Apptimize-created anonymous user id.
no setter
apptimizeEnrolledInExperimentStream Stream<ApptimizeEnrolledInExperimentEvent>
Gets the broadcast stream of ApptimizeEnrolledInExperimentEvent events.
no setter
apptimizeInitializedStream Stream<ApptimizeInitializedEvent>
Gets the broadcast stream of ApptimizeInitializedEvent events.
no setter
apptimizeMetadataStateChangedStream Stream<ApptimizeMetadataStateChangedEvent>
Gets the broadcast stream of ApptimizeMetadataStateChangedEvent events.
no setter
apptimizeParticipatedInExperimentStream Stream<ApptimizeParticipatedInExperimentEvent>
Gets the broadcast stream of ApptimizeParticipatedInExperimentEvent events.
no setter
apptimizeResumedStream Stream<ApptimizeResumedEvent>
Gets the broadcast stream of ApptimizeResumedEvent events.
no setter
apptimizeTestInfo Future<Map<String, ApptimizeTestInfo?>?>
Get information about all Apptimize A/B tests and Feature Flags that the device is enrolled in.
no setter
apptimizeTestsProcessedStream Stream<ApptimizeTestsProcessedEvent>
Gets the broadcast stream of ApptimizeTestsProcessedEvent events.
no setter
apptimizeUnenrolledInExperimentStream Stream<ApptimizeUnenrolledInExperimentEvent>
Gets the broadcast stream of ApptimizeUnenrolledInExperimentEvent events.
no setter
customerUserId Future<String?>
Gets the current customer-specified user id.
no setter
instantUpdateAndWinnerInfo Future<Map<String, ApptimizeInstantUpdateOrWinnerInfo?>?>
Get information about all winning A/B tests and instant updates that the device will show.
no setter
libraryVersion Future<String>
Get the underlying library version.
no setter
metadataState Future<ApptimizeMetaDataState>
Gets the current state of the Apptimize metadata.
no setter
offline Future<bool>
Gets the current value of the offline mode setting.
no setter
pilotTargetingId Future<String?>
Gets the currently set pilot targeting id.
no setter

Static Methods

clearAllForcedVariants() Future<void>
Cancel all forced variants.
clearForcedVariant(int variantId) Future<void>
Cancel a forced variant with the given id.
disable() Future<void>
Disables Apptimize and all of its features for one application session.
forceVariant(int variantId) Future<void>
Force a variant with the given id to be enabled.
getUserAttributeBool(String attributeName) Future<bool?>
Get the currently set bool value for an attribute.
getUserAttributeDouble(String attributeName) Future<double?>
Get the currently set double value for an attribute.
getUserAttributeInteger(String attributeName) Future<int?>
Get the currently set int value for an attribute.
getUserAttributeString(String attributeName) Future<String?>
Get the currently set String value for an attribute.
getVariants() Future<Map<int, ApptimizeVariant>>
Get information about all available variants.
isFeatureFlagOn(String featureFlagName) Future<bool>
Check whether a given feature flag is enabled or not.
removeAllUserAttributes() Future<void>
Remove all user defined attributes.
removeUserAttribute(String attributeName) Future<void>
Remove the user defined attribute for a given for attributeName.
runTest(String testName, Function baseline, Map<String, Function> codeblocks, [int? updateMetadataTimeout]) Future<void>
Runs the code block A/B test specified by testName.
setCustomerUserId(String? customerUserId) Future<void>
Sets the current customer-specified user id.
setOffline(bool isOffline) Future<void>
Updates the Apptimize offline mode flag.
setPilotTargetingId(String? pilotTargetingId) Future<void>
Sets the pilotTargetingId
setUserAttributeBool(String attributeName, bool attributeValue) Future<void>
Set a user attribute bool to be used for targeting, filtering and segmentation.
setUserAttributeDouble(String attributeName, double attributeValue) Future<void>
Set a user attribute double to be used for targeting, filtering and segmentation.
setUserAttributeInteger(String attributeName, int attributeValue) Future<void>
Set a user attribute int to be used for targeting, filtering and segmentation.
setUserAttributeString(String attributeName, String attributeValue) Future<void>
Set a user attribute String to be used for targeting, filtering and segmentation.
startApptimize(String appKey, [ApptimizeOptions? options]) → void
Starts apptimize with the specified appKey.
track(String eventName, [double? value]) Future<void>
Generate an event with the name eventName.
waitForTestsToBecomeAvailable(int timeout) Future<void>
Wait for the initial set of tests to become available.