AppMetrica Push SDK for Flutter

A Flutter plugin for AppMetrica Push SDK by Yandex. Allows you to send push notifications to sophisticated user segments, flexibly adjust timing and A/B test your campaigns. The number of push notifications is unlimited.

Supported Features

  • Flexible targeting. Use all the data about your users processed by AppMetrica to create sophisticated segments for personalized communication.
  • A/B testing. Try out different combinations of push content for the same audience, or test responses from different user segments.
  • Feature-rich push composer. All content of a push notification can be customized — you can vary different combinations of texts, pics, icons, and calls to action.
  • Scheduling. All push notifications can be scheduled to pop up at a specific time according to the time zone of the recipients.
  • Push API. Send individual notifications using custom triggers, including events outside the app.
  • Detailed stats. To carefully evaluate your push campaign’s efficiency, you can trace how each push affected user behavior, and match your push campaign with your key metrics.

Getting Started

In your flutter project add the following dependency:

  appmetrica_push_plugin: ^1.0.0

Activate AppMetrica SDK for Flutter using AppMetrica.activate with your API Key


Activate AppMetrica Push SDK using AppMetricaPush.activate and subscribe for tokens via AppMetricaPush.tokenStream

AppMetricaPush.tokenStream.listen((tokens) {
  // handle new tokens

Complete integration with connection of push transport for all target platforms according to its documentation.

Suggesting improvements

To file bugs, make feature requests, or to suggest other improvements, please use the feedback form.


Activation of AppMetrica SDK for Flutter is required for AppMetrica Push SDK for Flutter to work correctly.

This plugin uses Pigeon to generate interfaces for communication between Flutter and host platform.