AppMetrica SDK for Flutter

A Flutter plugin for AppMetrica by Yandex. AppMetrica is an end-to-end app analytics and marketing tool that works across all major mobile platforms.

Supported Features

This library helps you collect the following data:

  • Device information. Rich technology reports include information on OS, phone makers and models, screen resolution, interface language and other parameters.
  • Referral information. Be aware how the user got to the app.
  • Your audience. All the pivotal product KPIs (such as MAU, WAU, DAU, ect.) are ready at hand and updated in real time.
  • User profiles. Study characteristics and the history of actions for individual users to get a close-up view of behavior patterns.
  • In-app sales revenue and related revenue metrics: ARPU, average order value, repeated purchases and more.
  • Errors that occurred during app run. All crashes and errors in AppMetrica’s easy-to-read reports are grouped together with OS/app version and other technical details.
  • Any custom events.
  • And other features available for AppMetrica SDK users on Android or iOS.

You can learn more on AppMetrica web site.

Getting Started

In your flutter project add the following dependency:

  appmetrica_plugin: ^2.1.1

Activate library using AppMetrica.activate with your API Key


And report event via AppMetrica.reportEvent

AppMetrica.reportEvent('My first AppMetrica event!');

Suggesting improvements

To file bugs, make feature requests, or to suggest other improvements, please use the feedback form.


This plugin uses Pigeon to generate interfaces for communication between Flutter and host platform.