Apple Health Clinical Records

Enables reading clinical records from Apple health.

Support 12.0+

This plugin supports:

  • Checking if Apple health is available using the checkIfHealthDataAvailable method.
  • handling permissions to access clinical records using the hasAuthorization, requestAuthorization methods.
  • reding clinical records using the getData method.

Data types

Data Type FHIR resource Comments
condition Condition
allergy AllergyIntolerance
coverage Required iOS 14.0+
immunization Immunization
labResult Observation
medication MedicationOrder
procedure Procedure
vitalSign Observation


First, add apple_health_clinical_records as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


Step 1: Append the Info.plist with the following entry

<string>Your clinical records usage description</string>

Step 2: Enable "HealthKit" inside the "Capabilities" tab.

Step 3: Enable "Clinical Health Records" capability for "HealthKit".

Clinical Health Records in HealthKit


See the example app for detailed examples of how to use the Clinical records API.

The Clinical records plugin is used via the AppleHealthClinicalRecords class using the different methods for handling permissions and getting records from apple health.

// Create an instance of AppleHealthClinicalRecords
AppleHealthClinicalRecords clinicalRecords = AppleHealthClinicalRecords();

// Check if apple health is available
bool available =
    await clinicalRecords.checkIfHealthDataAvailable() ?? false;

// define the types to get
var types = [

// check if permission is given for defined types
final futures = => clinicalRecords.hasAuthorization(type));

final authorizations = await Future.wait(futures);

if (authorizations.every((element) => true)) {
} else {
  // request authorizations
  bool authorized = await clinicalRecords.requestAuthorization(types) ?? false;
  if (authorized) {

void getClinicalData(List<ClinicalType> types) async {
  final records = ) => clinicalRecords.getData(type));

  final data = await Future.wait(records);

Clincal record

A clinical record contains list of FHIR resources, of listed data types (see above).

see FHIR resources list


Inspired by Health plugin.