appfigurateflutter library


Overlays an 'overridden configuration' label on top of the provided child widget.
Subclass APLNativeConfiguration to provide read only introspection of the properties implemented in the native app's APLConfiguration (iOS) / (Android) subclass.


APLAddConfigurationUpdatedListener(APLConfigurationUpdatedListener listener) → void
Registers a callback that will be invoked every time Appfigurate has updated the configuration of the app. e.g.
APLRemoveConfigurationUpdatedListener(APLConfigurationUpdatedListener listener) → void
Unregisters a callback that was previously registered via APLAddConfigurationUpdatedListener.
APLRestoreConfiguration() Future<void>
Restores the configuration from temporary storage back into the Keychain (iOS) / SharedPreferences (Android).
APLSaveConfiguration() Future<void>
Saves the configuration persisted in the Keychain (iOS) / SharedPreferences (Android) into temporary storage.
APLSetLogging(bool logging) Future<void>
When true, Appfigurate library debugging messages will be output to the console. The default is false.
APLVersion() String
Returns the version of the Appfigurate library in the format major.minor.patch. e.g. 5.1.2


APLConfigurationUpdatedListener = void Function(String? action)