Apex Flutter Sdk

ApexTeam flutter software development kit

Basic widgets (at components.basic)

Flutter non-common simple widgets


Data Type Parameter Details Default value
int numberOfArrows - 5
TextDirection direction Highlight direction.
double top Position from top. 0
double left Position from left. 0
double size size of each icon in the widget. 18
IconData icon Repeating icon null
Color highlightColor Blink color. Colors.white
Color color Default color. Colors.grey
AnimatedSwipeArrowWidget(top: 300, left: 300, size: 50, numberOfArrows: 5, icon: Icons.call)


 value: someBooleanValue,
 materialTapTargetSize: MaterialTapTargetSize.padded,
 onChanged: (bool x) { someBooleanValue = x; }


	child: Text("Child to show tooltip over it!"),
	message: "Hi! It's simple moving tooltip :("


Data Type Parameter Details Default value
Widget child A Widget that will be shown when on mouse hover null
IconData icon The widget's Icon null
Function() onTap The Widget's onTap Function null
double shrinkSize Default size 35
double expandedSize Size of the widget on mouse hover 100
double iconSize Size of the widget icon shrinkSize / 2
Color iconColor Icon color Theme iconTheme color
Color backgroundColor Background color Theme primaryColor
Duration duration Expanding Duration Duration(milliseconds: 200)
Duration showChildDuration Show Child Duration Duration(milliseconds: 200)
EdgeInsets margin Empty space to surround the widget null
EdgeInsets padding The child and The icon, is placed inside this padding null
Curve curve An parametric animation easing curve Curves.linear
Matrix4 transform The transformation matrix to apply before painting the widget null
BoxBorder border A border to draw above the background backgroundColor or gradient null
List boxShadow A list of shadows cast by this box behind the box null
Gradient gradient A gradient to use when filling the bo null
	icon: Icons.help_outline,
	iconColor: Colors.white,
	child: Text(
		'Wazap nigga',
		style: TextStyle( color: Colors.white, fontWeight: FontWeight.bold, fontSize: 15),
	shrinkSize: 54,
	expandedSize: 175,
	duration: Duration(milliseconds: 400),
	backgroundColor: Colors.blue,
	onTap: () {},

Dialogs (at components.dialogs)


It is the flutter datePicker with an extra boolean option called isPersian to show shamsi (Jalali) date. This can be used as same as flutter material datePicker. names, variables and everything are the same.

you can follow the link below to understand how it works. Flutter Material showDatePicker function

List widgets (at components.lists)

List type widgets like chips and DataTables.


Data Type Parameter Default value
List children []
bool multiSelect false
Color selectedColor Theme buttonColor
Color disabledColor Theme disabledColor
Function(ChipModel chip, bool selected) onSelect null
PrimitiveWrapper<List controller null
  • Alert: Remember you can use PrimitiveWrapper as a controller to access selected chips in the list. make sure you dispose the controller on dispose() method in your stateful widgets. (It is like TextEditingController)

Charts (at components.charts)

Apex flutter charts with pure dart!


Data type Parameter Default value
Size chartSize const Size(600, 300)
int minimumScale 1
int maximumScale 2
List data []
Color backgroundColor const Color.fromARGB(255, 18, 32, 47)
	data: [
		CandleModel(high: 85, low: 30, close: 50, open: 40, volumeTo: 1),
		CandleModel(high: 90, low: 45, close: 70, open: 50, volumeTo: 2),
		CandleModel(high: 95, low: 65, close: 90, open: 65, volumeTo: 3),
		CandleModel(high: 110, low: 35, close: 50, open: 90, volumeTo: 4),
		CandleModel(high: 110, low: 35, close: 50, open: 90, volumeTo: 5),
		CandleModel(high: 110, low: 35, close: 50, open: 90, volumeTo: 6),
		CandleModel(high: 100, low: 75, close: 75, open: 80, volumeTo: 7),
		CandleModel(high: 110, low: 85, close: 85, open: 90, volumeTo: 8),
		CandleModel(high: 110, low: 85, close: 85, open: 90, volumeTo: 9),
		CandleModel(high: 110, low: 85, close: 85, open: 90, volumeTo: 0),
		CandleModel(high: 120, low: 75, close: 80, open: 100, volumeTo: 11),
		CandleModel(high: 130, low: 40, close: 50, open: 110, volumeTo: 12),
		CandleModel(high: 110, low: 85, close: 90, open: 90, volumeTo: 13),
		CandleModel(high: 110, low: 85, close: 85, open: 90, volumeTo: 14)
	minimumScale: 5,
	maximumScale: 10,