Animated Dashed Circle

With this flutter package, you can add animated dashed circle to the picture you want. Story Widget :)


You can use it wherever you want to use Instagram story.

Animated Dashed Circle Screenshot

Getting started

No permission is needed.


Please review the example folder

Define the widget,

        image: const AssetImage("assets/user.jpg"),
        autoPlay: true,
        duration: const Duration(seconds: 5),
        height: 250,
        borderWidth: 5,

To stop the animation,

    onPressed: () => AnimatedDashedCircle().stopCircle(),

To run the animation once, Animated Dashed Forward Gif

    onPressed: () => AnimatedDashedCircle().playCircle(),

To repeat the animation Animated Dashed Repeat Gif

    onPressed: () => AnimatedDashedCircle().playCircle(type: AnimatedionDashedCircleType.repeat),

Additional information