angular_test.compatibility library Null safety

Additional API to be used when migrating existing code to angular_test.

It is highly recommended not to use this and only stick to angular_test.dart for any new code or for new users of this package. APIs may change at any time without adhering strictly to sem-ver.


createDynamicFixture<T extends Object>(NgTestBed<T> bed, Type type, {FutureOr<void> beforeComponentCreated(Injector)?, FutureOr<void> beforeChangeDetection(T)?}) Future<NgTestFixture<T>>
An alternative method for NgTestBed.create that allows a dynamic type.
createDynamicTestBed<T extends Object>({Element? host, InjectorFactory? rootInjector, bool watchAngularLifecycle = true}) NgTestBed<T>
An alternative factory for NgTestBed that allows not typing T.
createTestInjector(List<Object> providers) Injector
Creates an Injector similar to creating an application with providers.
injectFromFixture<T>(NgTestFixture<void> fixture, Object tokenOrType) → T
Inject a service for tokenOrType from fixture.