angel3_serialize_generator library Null safety




convertObject(DartObject o) Expression
convertTypeReference(DartType t, {bool forceNullable = false}) TypeReference
Converts a DartType to a TypeReference.
dartObjectToString(DartObject v) String?
isAssignableToModel(DartType type) bool
isEnumType(DartType t) bool
isListOfModelType(InterfaceType t) bool
Determines if a DartType is a List with the first type argument being a Model.
isListOrMapType(DartType t) bool
isListType(DartType t) bool
isMapToModelType(InterfaceType t) bool
Determines if a DartType is a Map with the second type argument being a Model.
isMapType(DartType t) bool
isModelClass(DartType? t) bool
Determines if a type supports package:angel_serialize.
jsonModelBuilder(dynamic _) Builder
serializerBuilder(dynamic _) Builder
typescriptDefinitionBuilder(dynamic _) Builder
typeToString(DartType type) String?
Compute a String representation of a type.