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A state-management and data providing library. (Fast - Safe - Easy)

This lib gives (AmDataProvider<T>) as data provider and (AmRefreshWidget<T>) as wrapper to the widgets that must be changed when provider data changed.

Getting Started:

To import am_state:

import 'package:am_state/am_state.dart';

To initialize data provider:

final dataProvider = AmDataProvider<int>(
  initialData: 0,
  providerId: 'providerId',
dataProvider.initialize;  // you need to use this if you want to access the provider with its id instead of its name at first time.

// OR
final dataProvider = AmDataProvider<int>();  
// You can't access this with id and dying if disposed.
// You can only access this with its name ex:[dataProvider] if still alive.
// if you added a providerId the provider won't die.

To get data anywhere after initializing the provider:

int? num = AmDataProvider<int>.of('providerId').data;

To Refresh widgets if data changed:

class Example extends StatelessWidget {
  const Example({Key? key}) : super(key: key);

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Container(
      child: AmRefreshWidget<int>(
        amDataProvider: AmDataProvider<int>.of('providerId'),
        builder: (ctx, value) {
          return Text('$value');

Note: you could use one provider for multiple (AmRefreshWidget)s

To change the provider data without refresh states:

    dataProvider.silentDataSet =! + 1;
    // OR
    AmDataProvider<String>.of('providerId').silentDataSet = 'any data';

To change provider data with refresh states: =! + 1;
    // OR
    AmDataProvider<String>.of('providerId').data = 'Some Data';

To instantinously excute some code and then refresh states:

    dataProvider.activeFunction = () {
      //...Some Code....instantinously invoked then states refreshed
    // OR
    AmDataProvider<String>.of('providerId').activeFunction = () {
      //...Some Code....instantinously invoked then states refreshed

To initialize function trigger:

final listener = AmFunctionTrigger<int>(
  amDataProvider: AmDataProvider<int>.of('providerId'),
  function: (value){ ... some code ... }
listener.start;   // You need to use this line anywhere 

To cancel function trigger listening:


To reactivate the listener:


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