Apologize for the lack of updates as I do not have the bandwidth to work on this. But please check out this project https://github.com/flutterchina/azlistview if you need an A-Z list view that have more updates.

Alphabet List Scroll View

A customizable listview with A-Z side scrollbar to fast jump to the item of the selected character. Quick scroll through list via dragging through alphabets.


name type default description
strList List - List of Strings
itemBuilder itemBuilder(context, index) - itemBuilder similar to itemBuilder in ListView.builder
highlightTextStyle bool false highlight the focused pin box.
normalTextStyle Color Colors.black Set color of the focused pin box.
showPreview bool true show preview on screen
keyboardUsage bool true The alphabet list will be wrapped in scrollview.
indexedHeight double Function(int) query the height of widget with index
headerWidgetList List headers


name type default description
widgetList List []
icon Icon Icon shows in the side alphabet list and the preview
indexedHeaderHeight double Function(int) query the height of header with index