AliceGetConnect is a Flutter library that enables seamless integration between the HTTP Inspector library flutter_alice, and the HTTP Networking library get_connect from GetX.


  • Detailed logs for each HTTP call (HTTP Request, HTTP Response)
  • Inspector UI for viewing HTTP calls
  • Statistics tracking
  • Error handling capabilities
  • HTTP call search functionality
  • Bubble overlay entry support
  • Support for GetConnect from GetX
  • Handle connection timeout


  1. Create AliceGetConnect instance
AliceGetConnect alice = AliceGetConnect();

Since GetConnect does not have a callback for handling connection timeouts, AliceGetConnect will by default consider a request timeout if it exceeds 30 seconds. You can also set the timeout by configuring the time parameters at initialization

AliceGetConnect alice = AliceGetConnect(
  timeout: const Duration(seconds: 60)

You can also use it to set the timeout in getConnect

httpClient.timeout = alice.timeout;
  1. Add navigator key to GetMaterialApp
GetMaterialApp(navigatorKey: alice.getNavigatorKey(), home: ...);

You need to add this navigator key in order to show inspector UI. You can use also your navigator key in Alice:

AliceGetConnect(navigatorKey: _navKey);
  1. Add OverlaySupport in GetMaterialApp

because AliceGetConnect uses bubble overlay, add OverlaySupport in GetMaterialApp GetMaterialApp(...));
  1. Add Request & Response Modifier