Add to Gallery

Saves a copy of your images to the Android Gallery and iOS Photos

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Add add_to_gallery as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


You need the following permissions in your app:

  • iOS
    • NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription
    • This allows the plugin to use the PHPhotoLibrary APIs to add assets to the user's photo library.
  • Android

This plugin does not manage permissions for you. By excluding permissions from our plugin we have created a simple, reliable plugin.

We recommend using permission_handler to handle permissions.


There's only one method. It copies the source file to the gallery and returns the new file.

File file = await AddToGallery.addToGallery(
  originalFile: File('/Some/Media/Path.jpg'),
  albumName: 'My Awesome App',
  deleteOriginalFile: false,
print("Savd to gallery with Path: ${file.path}");

Using permission_handler, this may look like:

try {
  // iOS
  if (!await {
    throw ('Permission Required');
  // Android (10 and below)
  if (!await {
    throw ('Permission Required');
  // Add to the gallery
  File file = await AddToGallery.addToGallery(
    originalFile: File('/Some/Media/Path.jpg'),
    albumName: 'My Awesome App',
    deleteOriginalFile: true,
  print("Savd to gallery with Path: ${file.path}");
} catch(e) {
  print("Error: $e");

What about videos / documents / other files?

For now, the plugin only supports images.

If you want support for videos, documents etc. go make some noise on these github issues:

Example app

The example app shows a few more edge-cases in action.

  • Uses permission_handler to request permissions
  • Uses image_picker to take photos with the camera
  • Copies assets to the gallery
  • Uses shared_preferences to save and read the file path locally
    • This shows that the assets are still accessible between reboots


Add to Gallery is based on gallery_saver with some notable differences. Enough to warrant a new package rather than a pull-request. Generally speaking, I've simplified the API and unified the behaviour on iOS and Android. It also supports scoped storage on Android (which will be enforced with Android 11)

Big thanks to the Tecocraft LTD team for Android functionality on Android 10 and 11.

Feature gallery_saver
original package
this package
General Behaviour Android
  • 🔥 Source file is copied to the gallery
  • 🔥 The copy is not a tmp file
  • 👎 The file path is not returned
  • 👎 No way to find the new file path
  • 🔥 Source file is linked to the gallery
  • 👎 If the source file is in a tmp directory it may be garbage collected
  • 👎 The file path is not returned
  • 🔥 The original file path is correct
Android and iOS
  • 🔥 Source file is copied to the getApplicationDocumentsDirectory for persistence
  • 🔥 Your app has permission to access the file
  • 🔥 The new file path is returned
  • Automatically deletes sourceFile - defaults to false
Return Value Returns bool for the success of the operation Returns a File pointing to the new file in the gallery
Remote Files Automatically downloads files that start with http Does not download files that start with http
Album Name Optional with default values Is required
Image Manipulation Android
  • Rotates images according to EXIF data
  • Creates Thumbnails
  • Does not manipulate images
Does not manipulate images
Permissions Handled within the plugin. The first-call fails silently due to permissions race-condition Not handled within the plugin

An Important Note about Google photos

Google Photos has a built-in feature to remove exact duplicates. It can be confusing to see your media disappearing like this. I considered addressing this behaviour in the plugin, but decided against it. I expect plugin users to be creating unique images with the camera or other methods.