Adaptive Spinner

pub: 0.1.1 license: MIT style: effective dart

A circular progress indicator, scalable and adaptive to multiple platforms, 100% written in Dart.


Using the AdaptiveSpinner is easy as calling a widget of yours.
Simply call AdaptiveSpinner() where you want the spinner, and eventually pass some options:

  • withMessage: String? you can include a message below the spinner
  • centeredContainer: bool? wether or not center the container
  • withTextAlign: TextAlign? you can align the message
  • withStyle: TextStyle? you can style the message
  • withSizedBox: double? you can specify how big should be the space around spinner
  • withRadius: double? you can specify the spinner radius
  • withContainer: bool (defaults to false) if true the AdaptiveSpinner will be put inside a Container that will accept the following propertis:
    • alignment
    • padding
    • color
    • decoration
    • foregroundDecoration
    • width
    • height
    • margin
    • transform
    • clipBehavior