accordion library

Copyright 2021-2022 Christian Gotschim.

Published under the new BSD license.

Simple to use accordion widget with lots of preset properties.

Use the maxOpenSections property to automatically close sections when opening a new section. This is especially helpful if you always want your list to look clean -- just set this parameter to 1 and whenever you open a new section the previous one closes.

scrollIntoView paramter can be set to fast, slow, or none. This parameter will only take affect if there are enough items in the list so scrolling is feasible.

Many parameters can be set globally on Accordion as well as individually on each AccordionSection (see list below).

The header consists of the left and right icons (right icon is preset to arrow down). Both can be set globally and individually. The header parameter is required and needs to be set for each AccordionSection. headerText, headerTextAlign, headerTextStyle have been deprecated as of version 2.0 and should be replaced with header

The content area basically provides the container in which you drop whatever you want to display when AccordionSection opens. Background and borders can be set globally or individually per section.


The container list for all accordion sections.
AccordionSection is one section within the Accordion widget. Usage: