ac_fetch library


fetch(FetchOptions options, {HttpxClient? httpxClient, bool close = false}) Future<FetchRequest>
fetchWithNoData(FetchOptions options, {HttpxClient? httpxClient}) Future<FetchResponse>
fetchWithStructuredData(FetchOptions options, dynamic structuredData, {HttpxClient? httpxClient}) Future<FetchResponse>
fetchWithTypedData<T>(FetchOptions options, T typedData, {HttpxClient? httpxClient, TypedDataEncoder? encoder}) Future<FetchResponse>


HttpxCacheStorePk = Uri
HttpxCreateNetworkRequestCallback = Future<HttpxRequest> Function({required Duration? connectionTimeout, required HttpxHeaders headers, required int maxRedirects, required String method, required Uri uri})
HttpxHeaderName = String
HttpxHeadersEntries = Map<HttpxHeaderName, HttpxHeaderValues>
HttpxHeadersFoldedEntries = Map<HttpxHeaderName, HttpxHeaderValue>
HttpxHeaderValue = String
HttpxHeaderValues = Iterable<HttpxHeaderValue>
HttpxLogCallback = void Function(Object?)
HttpxSocketConnectCallback = Future<ConnectionTask<Socket>> Function({List<String>? alpnProtocols, required String host, required int port, required bool secure})
SecureConnectionTestCallback = bool Function(String uriScheme)
StructuredDataDecoder = Future Function(Stream<List<int>> bodyStream, Encoding charsetEncoding)
StructuredDataEncoder = List<int> Function(dynamic structuredData, Encoding charsetEncoding)
TypedDataDecoder = FutureOr Function(dynamic structuredData, Type typedDataType)
Takes a structured-data from a structured-data decoder and return a typed-data (return type must follow typedDataType arg). Depending on the mime-type, the structured data type will be a String, List
TypedDataEncoder = FutureOr Function(dynamic typedData, Type typedDataType)
Takes a typed-data and return a structured-data usable by the appropriate structured-data encoder (based on mime-type). Depending on the mime-type, the return type must be String, List