An instagram style pinch and zoom widget for all platform completely written in pure dart!

All other "zoom_pinch" package doesnt didnt work for me because it doesnt appear on top of all other widgets which was an issue to one of my projects. This package solves that problem by introducing a OverlayEntry so that it appears on top of all other widgets.

Credit to @billylev for the contribution this package.

Getting Started

Just wrap your widget that you want to be able to zoom in a ZoomOverlay

This is the values used in the video which can be found in the example folder.

    minScale: 0.5, // Optional
    maxScale: 3.0, // Optional
    twoTouchOnly: true, // Defaults to false
    child: CachedNetworkImage(
        imageUrl: imageUrl,


minScaleSpecifies the minimum multiplier it can scale outwards.
maxScaleSpecifies the maximum multiplier the user can zoom inwards.
twoTouchOnlyspecifies wither the zoom is enabled only with two fingers on the screen. Defaults to false.
childA widget to make zoomable.
animationDurationSpecifies the duration when the zoom has ended and is animating back to it's original place. Defaults to Duration(milliseconds: 100)

Medium blog post

Read the accompanying article here for more info about this package.