zendesk plugin

A Flutter plugin for the Zendesk Chat SDK v2

Getting Started

Android Setup

You must set a compatible theme theme in the AndroidManifest.xml file's tag. The details are outlined on the zendesk forums.

The example Android setup follows the pattern described in the post.

iOS Setup

Create a new "Run Scripts Phase" in your target's "Build Phases".

This script should be the last step in your project's "Build Phases". Paste the following snippet into the script text field:


Deployment Target >= 10.0


Initializing the plugin

await Zendesk.initialize(<account key>, <application id>);

Setting visitor information (optional)

await Zendesk.setVisitorInfo(
    name: 'Text Client',
    email: 'test+client@example.com',
    phoneNumber: '0000000000',
    department: 'Support',

Adding and removing tags

await Zendesk.addTags(['tag1', 'tag2', 'tag3']);
await Zendesk.removetags(['tag1', 'tag3'])

// Result is only tag2 will be present on the chat

Open chat client

Zendesk.startChat(primaryColor: Colors.red);

// Note: primaryColor will only configure iOS. Android AppBar color
// is controlled by the app's theme