Soft and gentle rich text editing for Flutter applications.

Zefyrka is a fork of Zefyr package with the following improvements:

  • support Flutter 2.0
  • opt-in the null safety
  • added the extended attributes:
    • text color
    • background color
    • paragraph alignment
    • paragraph indentation

For documentation see

zefyrka screenshot


See the example directory for a minimal example of how to use Zefyrka. You typically just need to instantiate a controller:

ZefyrController _controller = ZefyrController();

and then embed the toolbar and the editor, within your app. For example:

  children: [
    ZefyrToolbar.basic(controller: _controller),
      child: ZefyrEditor(
        controller: _controller,

Check out Sample Page for advanced usage.


Official releases of Zefyrka can be installed from Dart's Pub package repository.

Note that versions from Pub track stable channel of Flutter.

To install Zefyrka from Pub add zefyrka package as a dependency to your pubspec.yaml:

  zefyrka: [latest_version]

And run flutter packages get.

Continue to to learn more about Zefyrka and how to use it in your projects.


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