Event Bus

A State Management Package for flutter.

Use it in conjunction with zam_event_bus_provider.

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What's inside the package

Includes the following core components.

Check out all the components in detail here

How to use

INFO: For flutter usage and providing EventBus to widgets, checkout the zam_event_bus_provider package.

Step 1: Create the bus

final bus = EventBus([
  EventTransformer.fromFn((HeightSliderDraggedEvent event) => HeightProvidedEvent(event.value)),
  EventTransformer.fromFn((HeightInputTextChangedEvent event) => HeightProvidedEvent(event.value)),
  EventTransformer.fromFn((WeightSliderDraggedEvent event) => WeightProvidedEvent(event.value)),
  EventTransformer.fromFn((WeightInputTextChangedEvent event) => WeightProvidedEvent(event.value)),
  EventTransformer.fromFn((HeightProvidedEvent event) => Bmi.fromHeight(event.value)),
  EventTransformer.fromFn((WeightProvidedEvent event) => Bmi.fromWeight(event.value)),

Step 2: Publish events


Step 3: Select and listen to events

final sub = bus.select<Bmi>().listen((event) => print(event.value)); // prints bmi value

To learn more, move on to the example section or check out this dedicated example in github.