PlayerVars class Null safety

Allowed suggested player video qualities. Default video quality chosen by YouTube. Player height is 240px, and player dimensions are at least 320px by 240px for 4:3 aspect ratio. Player height is 360px, and player dimensions are 640px by 360px (for 16:9 aspect ratio) or 480px by 360px (for 4:3 aspect ratio). Player height is 480px, and player dimensions are 853px by 480px (for 16:9 aspect ratio) or 640px by 480px (for 4:3 aspect ratio). Player height is 720px, and player dimensions are 1280px by 720px (for 16:9 aspect ratio) or 960px by 720px (for 4:3 aspect ratio). Player height is 1080px, and player dimensions are 1920px by 1080px (for 16:9 aspect ratio) or 1440px by 1080px (for 4:3 aspect ratio). Player height is greater than 1080px, which means that the player's aspect ratio is greater than 1920px by 1080px. Player parameters.



PlayerVars({num autohide, num autoplay, num cc_load_policy, String color, num controls, num disablekb, num enablejsapi, num end, num fs, String hl, num iv_load_policy, String list, String listType, num loop, num modestbranding, String origin, String playlist, num playsinline, num rel, num showinfo, num start})


autohide num
Whether to autohide video controls (by default, HideProgressBar).
read / write
autoplay num
Whether to autoplay the video (by default, NoAutoPlay).
read / write
cc_load_policy num
Whether to use user-preferred or forced caption loading (by default, UserDefault).
read / write
color String
Player progress bar color
read / write
controls num
How video controls are shown (by default, ShowLoadPlayer).
read / write
disablekb num
Whether to allow keyboard controls (by default, Enable).
read / write
enablejsapi num
Whether the JavaScript API should be enabled (by default, Disable).
read / write
end num
Time, in seconds from the beginning of the video, when to stop playing.
read / write
fs num
Whether to display the full-screen button (by default, Show).
read / write
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
hl String
Player language as an ISO 639-1 two-letter language code or fully-specified locale.
read / write
iv_load_policy num
Whether to show video annotations (by default, Show).
read / write
list String
Identifies content that will load. If listType is search, this is the search query. If listType is user_uploads, this is the YouTube user. If listType is playlist, this is the playlist ID, prepended by 'PL'.
read / write
listType String
Which type of content loads in the player.
read / write
loop num
Whether a single video should be looped (by default, SinglePlay).
read / write
modestbranding num
Whether to hide some YouTube branding (by default, Full).
read / write
origin String
Origin domain for additional security if using the JavaScript API.
read / write
playlist String
Comma separated list of video IDs to play after the URL path's video.
read / write
playsinline num
Whether videos play inline or fullscreen in an HTML5 player on iOS. (currently by default, Fullscreen).
read / write
rel num
Whether to show related videos after the video finishes (by default, Show).
read / write
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
showinfo num
Whether to show video information before playing (by default, Show).
read / write
start num
Time, in seconds from the beginning of the video, when to start playing.
read / write


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