Yoda Flutter plugin

Flutter widget that let you slice any kind of child widget in a matrix of tiles and animate them with different kind of ways. Currently with Explode, Vortex and Flakes. Works on all platforms.


Yoda Widget Properties

Yoda widget
  • **yodaEffect** Animation effect to use (see below).
  • **controller** Animation controller.
  • **duration** Animation duration.
  • **startWhenTapped** Enable tap gesture to start animation.
  • **animParameters** Parameters used to animate tiles (see below).
  • **child** Whatever widget to slice.
YodaEffect enum
  • **Explosion**
  • **Vortex**
  • **Flakes**
AnimParameters properties
  • **yodaBarrier** Define which edges are barraged (see below).
  • **hTiles** Number of horizontal tiles to divide the child widget.
  • **vTiles** Number of vertical tiles to divide the child widget.
  • **fractionalCenter** Default center where force is given when not tapping on it.
  • **gravity** Vertical force.
  • **effectPower** Effect strength.
  • **blurPower** Blur strength.
  • **randomness** Random strength.
YodaBarrier properties
  • **left** Block tiles moving over the left edge.
  • **right** Block tiles moving over the right edge.
  • **top** Block tiles moving over the top edge.
  • **bottom** Block tiles moving over the bottom edge.

How to use

If you need to control the animation status:

YodaController _yodaControllerExplode;
  void initState() {
    _yodaControllerExplode = YodaController()
    ..addStatusListener((status) {
      if (status == AnimationStatus.completed) {

YodaController accept start() and reset() methods.

  yodaEffect: YodaEffect.Explosion,
  controller: _yodaControllerExplode,
  duration: Duration(milliseconds: 2500),
  animParameters: AnimParameters(
    yodaBarrier: YodaBarrier(bottom: true, left: true, right: true),
    fractionalCenter: Offset(0.5, 1.0),
    hTiles: 20,
    vTiles: 20,
    effectPower: 0.2,
    blurPower: 5,
    gravity: 0.1,
    randomness: 30,
  startWhenTapped: true,
  child: SizedBox(
    width: 250,
    height: 180,
    child: Image.asset('assets/dash.png', fit: BoxFit.fill)

  • Find a better way to capture the widget
  • When changing Yoda widget parameters, 2 hot reloads are needed to make it to work!