Yet Another Paginated List View and a BIG WORK IN PROGRESS

Seriously, this is a BIG WORK IN PROGRESS

WIP AHEAD, you've been warned

About this package

Yapalivi aims at easign the process of building an infinitely scrollable in Flutter, while being as performant as ListView.builder. However, I myself am extremely new to Flutter, so most of this package will not follow any best practices whatsoever

How to start?

Creating your own provider

A Yapalivi component needs a Provider to retrieve the data. Right now, there are two possible Providers to extend:

  • IPagedProvider: The most basic provider, with only the required functionality for the list view to work
  • IAutomaticLocalPagedProvider: This provider can be used to provide an offline fallback for data retrieved from the network (Accepting suggestions for a better name)

Builing the component

For the most basic functionality, a Yapalivi widget needs a provider and a builder. For convenience sake, the builder function will receive a context, the index of the item is being built, and the item itself.

Optionally, you can implement the following functions:

  • separatorBuilder: If this function is not null, ListView.separated will be used instead of ListView.builder. This builder receives the context, the current index, the following index, the current item and the following item
  • filterFunction: This function is a big fat WIP. It can be used to filter items, and only build those that are returned, but it will break things

Optionally, you can implement the following widgets:

  • placeholderWidget: This widget will be displayed at the end of the list while there are more pages to be loaded
  • noMoreItemsWidget: This widget will be rendered at the end of the list when the provider runs out of data to load

Something doesn't work?

I'm absolutely sure that's the case. You can (pretty please!) report anything that's broken or you this it'd be a nice bonus to this project's Gitlab