Flutter Yandex Geocoder

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The geocoder helps to determine the coordinates of an object by its address or, conversely, to set the address by its coordinates.

Available API Documentation.

SDK Features

  • Direct geocoding. Used to determine coordinates by object name or address. The API takes into account common misprints and offers several suitable variants. For example, you can convert a user-specified address into coordinates.
  • Reverse geocoding. It is used to determine the address of an object by its coordinates. For example, you can select the nearest house on the map and get its name.
  • Choosing the type of toponym you need.
  • Restrict the search to a specified area.
  • Answer language and regional features of the map.


Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  yandex_geocoder: 2.0.1


To work you will need Api Key, a key to work with Yandex API. It can be obtained in the personal account of developer.

final YandexGeocoder geocoder = YandexGeocoder(apiKey: 'Your Api Key');

final GeocodeResponse geocodeFromPoint = await geocoder.getGeocode(GeocodeRequest(
      geocode: PointGeocode(latitude: 55.771899, longitude: 37.597576),
      lang: Lang.enEn,

final GeocodeResponse geocodeFromAddress = await geocoder.getGeocode(GeocodeRequest(
      geocode: AddressGeocode(address: 'Moscow, 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, 7'),
      lang: Lang.enEn,


The Example is in the corresponding folder