loadYaml function

dynamic loadYaml(
  1. String yaml, {
  2. Uri? sourceUrl,
  3. bool recover = false,
  4. ErrorListener? errorListener,

Loads a single document from a YAML string.

If the string contains more than one document, this throws a YamlException. In future releases, this will become an ArgumentError.

The return value is mostly normal Dart objects. However, since YAML mappings support some key types that the default Dart map implementation doesn't (NaN, lists, and maps), all maps in the returned document are YamlMaps. These have a few small behavioral differences from the default Map implementation; for details, see the YamlMap class.

In future versions, maps will instead be HashMaps with a custom equality operation.

If sourceUrl is passed, it's used as the URL from which the YAML originated for error reporting.

If recover is true, will attempt to recover from parse errors and may return invalid or synthetic nodes. If errorListener is also supplied, its onError method will be called for each error recovered from. It is not valid to provide errorListener if recover is false.


dynamic loadYaml(String yaml,
        {Uri? sourceUrl, bool recover = false, ErrorListener? errorListener}) =>
            sourceUrl: sourceUrl,
            recover: recover,
            errorListener: errorListener)