Use this package to create tests for packages in the yak_packages family

Getting Started

  • Add to your pubspec.yaml
  yak_test: <latest version>
  • Create a test with the following steps
import 'package:yak_runner/yak_runner.dart';
import 'package:yak_test/yak_test.dart';

/// STEP 1 - use  `yak_runner` from [https://pub.dev/packages/yak_runner]

final _runner = YakRunner<int>(() => 2);

/// STEP 2 - create a test with  `yak_test` from [https://pub.dev/packages/yak_test]

final _tester = _runner.buildTest(_runner.buildTestFactory('description here'));

/// STEP 3 - run the test

void main() => _tester(0);

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