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A library to communicate through the XML-RPC protocol.


A simple usage example:

import 'package:xml_rpc/client.dart' as xml_rpc;

main() {
  final url = '...';
      .call(url, 'examples.getStateName', [41])
      .then((result) => print(result))
      .catchError((error) => print(error));

It will sent the following xml content:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Every xmlrpc call has to be done with the call(...) function. You must give the url, the method name and the parameters. This function returns a Future with the result received. If the response contains a <fault> a Fault object is thrown and can be catch with the .catchError() on the Future.

To use this package from browser you can provide as client optional named argument on call a http.BrowserClient.

Parameter types

Here are the conversion table.

<int> or <i4>int
<string> or TextString
<struct>Map<String, dynamic>

XML-RPC Extension Types

Some XML-RPC implementations handle additionnal types. For instance Apache ws-xmlrpc may support long values with <i8> and other types (see https://ws.apache.org/xmlrpc/types.html).

You can provide custom codecs that will be used to encode and decode those values.

If you use the XML-RPC for C and C++ library on the server side you can directly use the dart library client_c.dart to be able to handle <i8> and <nil>.

Using this package on JS side

If you use this package on JS side you may face some problem dealing with numbers. On JS side there are no difference between int and double. So by default an double 1.0 will be encoded as <int>1</int>.

You can workaround this issue:

  • wrap doubles in a custom type:
    class _Double {
      _Double(this.value) : assert(value != null);
      final double value;
  • create a codec for this wrapper type:
    final _doubleWrapperCodec = new SimpleCodec<_Double>(
      nodeLocalName: 'double',
      encodeValue: (value) => value.value.toString(),
      decodeValue: (text) => new _Double(double.parse(text)),
  • create a list of codecs:
    final codecs = new List<Codec>.unmodifiable(<Codec>[
  • make calls with your codecs:
    main() {
      xml_rpc.call(url, 'method', [params], encodeCodecs: codecs, decodeCodecs: codecs);

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.