The words package comprises two sets of lints which help in development of consistent, predictable applications.

Two sets of linter rules are used:

  • Core lints: Lints applicable to all Dart code across every platform, expected to be enforced in every code library published by WordCollector, as well as in private repositories.

  • Flutter lints: Core lints + additional lints only applicable to the Flutter framework.

To learn more about lints, visit the official Dart lints package repository.

How to enable these lints

  1. Add the words package as a developer dependency using the terminal:

     dart pub add --dev words
  2. Create an analysis_options.yaml file at the root of the repository (next to pubspec.yaml).

  3. In a Flutter project you should add:

     include: package:words/flutter.yaml


     include: package:words/core.yaml