what3words w3w-dart-wrapper

A Dart library to use the what3words v3 API.

API methods are grouped into a single service object which can be centrally managed by a What3WordsV3 instance. It will act as a factory for all of the API endpoints and will automatically initialize them with your API key.

To obtain an API key, please visit https://what3words.com/select-plan and sign up for an account.


The artifact is available through pub.dev. Update your pubspec.yaml file with

 what3words: 3.1.0


See the what3words public API documentation



Import the what3words library

import 'package:what3words/what3words.dart';


Use the following code with your API key to initialize the API:

var api = What3WordsV3('what3words-api-key');

In the case that you run our Enterprise Suite API Server yourself, you may specifty the URL to your own server like so:

var api = What3WordsV3.withEndpoint(

Additionally, if you run the Enterprise Suite API Server there is another named constructor to support this. Use this if you need to send custom headers to your own server:

var api = What3WordsV3.withHeaders(
      {'x-header-1': 'value-1', 'x-header-2': 'value-2'});

Example convert to coordinates

// For all requests a what3words API key is needed
var api = What3WordsV3('what3words-api-key');

// Create and execute a request to obtain a grid section within the provided bounding box
var coordinates = await api.convertToCoordinates('index.home.raft').execute();

if (coordinates.isSuccessful()) {
  print('Coordinates ${coordinates.data()!.toJson()}');
} else {
  var error = coordinates.error();

  if (error == What3WordsError.BAD_WORDS) {
    // The three word address provided is invalid
    print('BadWords: ${error.message}');
  } else if (error == What3WordsError.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR) {
    // Server Error
    print('InternalServerError: ${error.message}');
  } else if (error == What3WordsError.NETWORK_ERROR) {
    // Network Error
    print('NetworkError: ${error.message}');
  } else {
    print('${error.code} : ${error.message}');