Weekly Date Picker

A weekday picker where you can scroll between weeks.

Custom styling

You can remove the week text

Add custom colors

You can also make only the weekdays selectable


To use this package, add weekly_date_picker as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


  selectedDay: _selectedDay, // DateTime
  changeDay: (value) => setState(() {
    _selectedDay = value;

How to use custom styling

You can use custom colors and labels by the optional parameters:

  • weekdayText Specifies the weekday text: default is 'Week'
  • weekdays Specifies the weekday strings 'Mon', 'Tue'...
  • backgroundColor Background color
  • selectedBackgroundColor Color of the selected day circle
  • selectedDigitColor Color of the selected digits text
  • digitsColor Color of the unselected digits text
  • weekdayTextColor Is the color of the weekdays 'Mon', 'Tue'...
  • enableWeeknumberText Set to false to hide the weeknumber textfield to the left of the slider
  • weeknumberColor Color of the weekday container
  • weeknumberTextColor Color of the weekday text
  • daysInWeek Specifies the number of weekdays to render, default is 7, so Monday to Sunday