Weekday Scroller

A weekday picker where you can scroll between weeks.


To use this package, add weekday_scroller as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


  selectedDay: _selectedDay,
  changeDay: (value) => setState(() {
    _selectedDay = value;

Custom styling

You can use custom colors and labels by the optional parameters:

  • weekdayText Specifies the weekday text: default is 'Week'
  • weekdays Specifies the weekday strings 'Mon', 'Tue'...
  • backgroundColor
  • selectedColor Color of the selected day circle
  • selectedTextColor Color of the selected digits text
  • textColor Color of the unselected digits text
  • weekdayColor Is the color of the weekdays 'Mon', 'Tue'...
  • weeknumberColor Color of the weekday container
  • weeknumberTextColor Color of the weekday text
  • daysInWeek Specifies the number of weekdays to render, default is 7, so Monday to Sunday