Webview Cookie Manager

pub package

A flutter library to manager your web cookies for Android(API level 9) and iOS(11+).

Get started iOS

Set minimum version for iOS to 11.0

How to use

The WebCookieManager can be used directly or together with webview_flutter.

Get cookies:

final cookieManager = WebviewCookieManager();

final gotCookies = await cookieManager.getCookies('https://youtube.com');
for (var item in gotCookies) {

Set cookie

await cookieManager.setCookies([
              Cookie('cookieName', 'cookieValue')
                ..domain = 'youtube.com'
                ..expires = DateTime.now().add(Duration(days: 10))
                ..httpOnly = false

Check is any cookie available

await cookieManager.hasCookies();

Remove cookie

 await cookieManager.removeCookie();

Clear cookies

await cookieManager.clearCookies();

IMPORTANT NOTE: Domain attribute is not required according to RFC, but it is important to remember that empty domain causes undefined behavior. So it is highly reccommended to specify it this this way:

final cookie = Cookie('cookieName', 'cookieValue')..domain = 'youtube.com';

For more examples check example folder.


  1. Set minimum target iOS version to 11(why)
  2. If you are using Objective C, check that PodFile have a flag use_frameworks (why you need to do it)
target 'Runner' do

How it works

The cookies stores and retrieves using the httpCookieStore for iOS and CookieManager for Android.