Webview Cookie Manager

pub package

A flutter library to manager your web cookies for Android(API level 9) and iOS(11+).

Get started iOS

Set minimum version for iOS to 11.0

How to use

The WebCookieManager can be used directly or together with webview_flutter.

Get cookies:

final cookieManager = WebviewCookieManager();

final gotCookies = await cookieManager.getCookies('https://youtube.com');
for (var item in gotCookies) {

Set cookie

await cookieManager.setCookies([
              Cookie('cookieName', 'cookieValue')
                ..domain = 'youtube.com'
                ..expires = DateTime.now().add(Duration(days: 10))
                ..httpOnly = false

Check is any cookie available

await cookieManager.hasCookies();

Remove cookie

 await cookieManager.removeCookie();

Clear cookies

await cookieManager.clearCookies();

For more examples check example folder.


  1. Set minimum target iOS version to 11(why)
  2. If you are using Objective C, check that PodFile have a flag use_frameworks (why you need to do it)
target 'Runner' do

How it works

The cookies stores and retrieves using the httpCookieStore for iOS and CookieManager for Android.