A Simple Web Scraper for Dart & Flutter

A very basic web scraper implementation to scrap html elements from a web page.

Pull requests are most welcome.

Getting Started

In your pubspec.yaml root add:



import 'package:web_scraper/web_scraper.dart';

Note that as of version 0.0.6, the project supports not only Flutter projects, but also Dart projects.


    final webScraper = WebScraper('');
    if (await webScraper.loadWebPage('/test-sites/e-commerce/allinone')) {
        List<Map<String, dynamic>> elements = webScraper.getElement('h3.title > a.caption', ['href']);

Checkout web_scraper_test.dart file to have closer look on all functionalities.


Method Description Arguments Return Type
loadWebPage Loads the webpage into response object and then parse it into the document object String route Future <bool>
loadFromURL Loads the webpage from provided URL into response object and then parse it into the document object String page Future <bool>
loadFromString Loads the webpage from a String (usually stored by the getPageContent method) into response object and then parse it into the document object. This operation is completely synchronous and exists as a helper method to perform compute() flutter operations and avoid jank String responseBodyAsString Future <bool>
getPageContent Returns webpage's html in string format Void String body
getElement Returns List of elements found at specified address String address, List <String> attributes List <Map<String, dynamic>>
getElementTitle Returns List of element titles found at specified address String address List <String>
getElementAttribute Returns List of elements single attribute found at specified address (if you wish to get multiple attributes at once, please use getElement instead) String address, List <String> attributes List <String>
getAllScripts Returns the list of all data enclosed in script tags of the document Void List <String>
getScriptVariables Returns Map between given variable names and list of their occurence in the script tags List <String> variableNames Map <String, dynamic>


  • Please branch from develop to implement bug fix/new feature.
  • Ensure that code is formatted according to base dart rules & using the latest stable version of dart.
  • Open a PR with develop as the PR target with a clear description.


Web Scraper Library