Flutter Wear Plugin

A plugin that offers Flutter support for Wear OS by Google (Android Wear).

To use this plugin you must set your minSdkVersion to 23.


There currently three widgets provided by the plugin:

  • WatchShape: determines whether the watch is square or round.
  • AmbientMode: builder that provides what mode the watch is in. The widget will rebuild whenever the watch changes mode.


Typically all three of these widgets would be used near the root of your app's widget tree:

class WatchScreen extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return WatchShape(
      builder: (context, shape, child) {
        return AmbientMode(
          builder: (context, mode, child) {
            return mode == Mode.active ? ActiveWatchFace() : AmbientWatchFace();

Old Requirements

You DO NOT need to modify these files anymore:

You can remove all the old wearable references from the previous release. This plugin automatically adds all required references and settings.

  1. build.gradle: wearable dependencies

  2. AndroidManifest.xml: WAKE_LOCK and android.hardware.type.watch and com.google.android.wearable.standalone.

  3. MainActivity.kt or MainActivity.java: all AmbientMode references.