A plugin for Flutter that supports loading and displaying interstitial and rewarded video ads using the Vungle SDK API.

Note: This plugin is in beta, and may still have a few issues and missing APIs. Feedback and Pull Requests are welcome.

Getting Started

Please go to the Vungle website to create account for your apps at first. You need add your apps there and you will get the app id and placement ids, then use this plugin in your flutter app to do the monetization.

Initialize the plugin

if (Platfrom.isAndrod) {
} else {
  //for iOS

//You need wait until the plugin initialized to load and show ads
Vungle.onInitializeListener = () {
  //The plugin initialized, can load ads for now

Load Interstitial or rewarded video ads


//To know if the ad loaded
Vungle.onAdPlayableListener = (placementId, playable) {
  if(playable) {
    //The ad has been loaded, could play it for now.

Play Interstitial or rewarded video ads

if(Vungle.isAdPlayable('[your_placement_id]') {

Vungle.onAdStatedListener = (placementId) {
  //Ad started to play  

Vungle.onAdFinishedListener = (placementId, isCTAClicked, isCompletedView) {
  //Ad finished to play
  //isCTAClicked - User has clicked the `download` button
  //isCompletedView - User has viewed the video ad completely