Name vokative package for Dart

A simple package that provides methods for getting name vokatives. Currently working with Czech male/female names.

Forks or PR for different languages are very welcomed!


Getting name vokatives

import 'package:vokativ/vokativ.dart';

void main() {
  var firstName = 'David';
  var secondName = 'Jiří';

  var firstNameVokativ = Vokativ.getVokativ(firstName);
  var secondNameVokativ = Vokativ.getVokativ(secondName);

  print(firstNameVokativ); // 'Davide'
  print(secondNameVokativ); // 'Jiří'

Detection of gender based on name

import 'package:vokativ/vokativ.dart';

void main() {
  var firstName = 'David';
  var secondName = 'Alena';

  var firstNameGender = Vokativ.isWoman(firstName);
  var secondNameGender = Vokativ.isWoman(secondName);

  print(firstNameGender); // 'false'
  print(secondNameGender); // 'true'

Where does it begun?

This repository is almost direct copy of Vokativ pro JS and Vokativ overwritten to Dart language. I would like to thank these guys for awesome code and great work.

Tento repozitář je téměř přímou kopií Vokativ pro JS a Vokativ přepsanou do jazyka Dart. Chtěl bych klukům poděkovat za jejich kód a skvělou práci.