TrimAreaProperties.fixed constructor

  1. {BoxFit thumbnailFit,
  2. int thumbnailQuality,
  3. double borderRadius}

Helps defining the Fixed Trim Area properties.

A better look at the structure of the Trim Viewer:

All the parameters are optional:

  • thumbnailFit for specifying the image fit type of each thumbnail image. By default it is set to BoxFit.fitHeight.

  • thumbnailQuality for specifying the quality of each generated image thumbnail, to be displayed in the trimmer area. By default it is set to 75.

  • borderRadius for specifying the size of the circular border radius to be applied to each corner of the trimmer area Container. By default it is set to 4.0.


factory TrimAreaProperties.fixed({
  BoxFit thumbnailFit,
  int thumbnailQuality,
  double borderRadius,
}) = FixedTrimAreaProperties;