The Tizen implementation of video_player.

Required privileges

To use this plugin in a Tizen application, the mediastorage, externalstorage and internet privileges are required. Add below lines under the <manifest> section in your tizen-manifest.xml file.

  • The mediastorage privilege ( must be added to play video files located in the internal storage.
  • The externalstorage privilege ( must be added to play video files located in the external storage.
  • The internet privilege ( must be added to play any URLs from network.

For details, see Security and API Privileges.


This package is not an endorsed implementation of video_player. Therefore, you have to include video_player_tizen alongside video_player as dependencies in your pubspec.yaml file.

  video_player: ^2.1.0
  video_player_tizen: ^2.0.0

Then you can import video_player in your Dart code:

import 'package:video_player/video_player.dart';

For how to use the plugin, see


The 'httpheaders' option for '' and 'mixWithOthers' option of 'VideoPlayerOptions' will be silently ignored in Tizen platform.

This plugin has some limitations on TV:

  • Don't change playback speed at last 3 senconds when playing video, otherwise it will be failed.
  • If playing a video in a loop and change the playback speed(not 1.0) successfully, the playback speed will be recovered to 1.0 when play video again.
  • Don't use seekTo if playback speed isn't 1.0, seekTo doesn't work after change playback speed.
  • The video has some key frames, seekTo will set position to the key frame. For example, the video has key frame on 0 second and 3 second, actually the position is at 3 second when seek the position to 2 second.