A package to mock requests using Dio Client, supports nullsafety. Forked from the original vcr & maintained, it's a drop-in replacement.

Getting Started

To start using, just create a adapter and put inside your client
This is a example with Dio client:

VcrAdapter adapter = VcrAdapter();
Dio client = Dio();
client.httpClientAdapter = adapter;

After config the adapter, you now can use a cassette


Response response = await client.get('');
expect(response.statusCode, 200);

Now the request is stored in test/cassette/github/user_repos.json

If you have multiple requests for one test, they will be added in a list of requests If de adapter can't find the right request, he will make a normal request and then store the request

This package is inspired by VCR gem

Next Features

  • Work with Http Package