Dart implementation of vcl interface C++Builder, Delphi for web application




If you now the programming languages of C++ Builder or Delphi, with the help of this library you can start creating web applications in the Dart with the familiar interface and Borland components.

The library is based on the original sources of Borland components. This will allow you to use properties such as Align, Anchors, Object-events when designing dialog forms.

HTML elements are used as an alternative to HWND - descriptors (Handle). As in windows, communication between windows is carried out using messages.

To create forms, the components TEdit, TComboBox, TPanel, TPageControl, TEdit, TCheckBox and others are implemented. Implemented components TDataSource, TDataSet, TDataLink, TDBGrid for working with databases

Added flex component for flexible adjustment of the position of controls in dialog forms

Warning. The library was tested only in the browser Google Chrome


import 'package:vcl/vcl.dart';

void main() async 
  var form = TForm(Application);
  form.Position = TPosition.ScreenCenter;
  await form.ShowModal();


Press link for demo application or download last version files and open index.html in Google Chrome browser

Source files of demo project

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