🧹 vassoura

What is it?

Find files your project doesn't need anymore and make your project cleaner.

How it works

We scan through each file and look at the import and part statements. This way we know which file imports what, so we generated the inverse: for every imported file find out who imports it.

In the case of packages there are files which seem to be unnecessary, but that's because they are imported only indirectly (by the client of the lib). These files are suggested for deletion, but there's no way to differentiate them from the rest. So you may need to apply your own judgment.


Run the following command:

pub global activate vassoura

Let's make sure it works. Try to run the following and see if it prompts the usage.


If it didn't worked that means you should add .pub-cache to your PATH. If you're on Linux put the following in your .bashrc or equivalent.

export PATH="$PATH":"$HOME/.pub-cache/bin"

If you are on Windows the same principle applies. Just add the path to your env variable. For more info head over to dart.dev


Just type vas and see what is available.

Vassoura: removes files not referenced in the project
Usage: vas <command>

Available commands:
-l, --list    lists all files available to deletion

NOTE: For now you should run the command from your project's root as we need to gather the project name from pubspec.yaml.


Running vas -l from this repo produces this:

It seems like these files have no use: 

That's because they are indeed just fixtures for tests. Not too shabby huh?