The Command class is a unified definition of a user command. A Command has a (dynamic):

  • name
  • action (code to execute when the user clicks on the command)
  • (optional) icon
  • (optional) visibility

Note that the Command class has no disabled state, because disabled buttons suck.

Command widgets

Command's can be used in the following widgets:

  • CommandTextButton
  • CommandElevatedButton
  • CommandOutlinedButton
  • CommandPopupMenuItem (e.g. Within a CommandPopupMenu)
  • CommandPopupMenuButton
  • CommandPopupMenuWrapper
  • CommandToolbarButton (e.g. Within a CommandToolbar)
  • CommandTile (e.g. Within a CommandListView)
  • Etc...

Command widget styling

These Command widgets all have a single style class that:

  • uses reasonable formatting defaults when no style parameters are given.
  • contains style parameters for all the formatting:
    • sizing
    • colors
    • fonts
    • padding
    • aligning
    • elevation
    • etc

Installation and usage

See Installation and usage


See Example