canLaunchUrl function

Future<bool> canLaunchUrl(
  1. Uri url

Checks whether the specified URL can be handled by some app installed on the device.

Returns true if it is possible to verify that there is a handler available. A false return value can indicate either that there is no handler available, or that the application does not have permission to check. For example:

  • On recent versions of Android and iOS, this will always return false unless the application has been configuration to allow querying the system for launch support. See the README for details.
  • On web, this will always return false except for a few specific schemes that are always assumed to be supported (such as http(s)), as web pages are never allowed to query installed applications.


Future<bool> canLaunchUrl(Uri url) async {
  return UrlLauncherPlatform.instance.canLaunch(url.toString());